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Score one for me!

Bought a Whinny for 180k yesterday afternoon.

Now ask me what I sold it for.


Okay, fine, I'll tell you. I sold it for 118k pure, plus a Nerkmid, White Ona, Scritchy Sketchy Paintbrush, and cheapie weapon.

Now ask me how much profit I made.

93k, boys and girls. Now that was well done for me. Yay!
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new to livejournal, don't know how to add an entry here, so just using the add comment feature which seems to be the only link I see here. I'd like to see someone create neopets skins for sims. pet skins of the four legged neopets. Playable character skins of such characters as Jeran and General Kass (just like regular sims skins including nude, sleepwear and swimwear). Perhaps someone will see what I write and maybe be able to do such things.